Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer is on it's way!!!

I love Love LOVE, this time of year. When the temperature rises dramatically and the sun outside is constantly calling my name!!!! Wha-hoo we have finally arrived, winter I think I can say is in the past and I can just taste summer around the corner. I have so many things that have just made my life so wonderful the past few weeks I just don't want to forget them... so here is my little list in no particular order.

1. I LOVE BOSTON!!! I have absolutely loved living here. I remember back a whole year ago at this time, I was so worried about what to expect. I could not have imagined how much I would love this place. I love the area, so much to see, so much to do. I love how I can drive 5 min away and be in an incredible forest reservation, and drive 10 min the other direction and be in down town Boston, with some of the most amazing US history monuments in our country. I love how yesterday Kyler said, "Lets go to the beach, and 10 min. later Gavin and I were splashing in the waves, and Landon and Ky were playing in the sand.

2. Probably the biggest reason why I love it here is our friends. They are just the greatest! No one can take the place of our family, but man these people surely are right up there in helping us feel like we have family right around the corner. We sure are lucky to have them.

3. School for Kyler is winding down for the summer. In fact he only went to school once this week for a total of 3 hrs. I know what your thinking... what kind of school is this? Don't worry, Kyler informs me that it is practically Ivy league... so how can I argue with that! Well I am not complaining I LOVE having him home. He wakes up in the morning with the kids. He makes dinner half the nights and I feel like we just play and have fun all day!!! What can be better than that.

4. Only 4 more weeks until we go home to UTAH!!! I am so excited to see my family I can hardly stand it. I truly have the most wonderful family in the world and cannot wait to see everyone!!! It is going to be a crazy sweet trip so Look out Beck's and McEwen's... Here we come!

5. I might be a little bias, but probably not... I have the BEST kids in the world. I do, I really do. I LOVE being a mom. I love hearing their little voices, seeing their eyes light up when I smile at them, and most of all I can't get enough of the loves and squeezes!!! I love playing with them, reading with them, snuggling with them, and even watching them sleep. I just can't get enough of these boys. I love them!!!!

Well that about sums it up right now. I feel like I have a pretty dang good life. I guess you could say we are just living the dream!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentine's Day!

So I am the worst at blogging. I have started probably 3 different blogs I write one or two posts and then I am done!  But I am trying to turn over a new leaf.   So for Valentine's day I thought I was being so cute. I did the 14 days of Valentines for Kyler, I did all of these "remember when" things like... remember when we had our first date, lets have pizza for dinner tonight and then you can pretend to make me a 'True T-Bird' like you should have done on that night. (This is when you kiss by the Old Sorrel statue at SUU on homecoming night... Ky was to scared to kiss me back then)  Also, one night I had 7 of my girl friends come and serenade us while we danced!  I was sure that I was going to out do Ky this year.... But NO not even close.  Valentine's day comes and Kyler whips out this book. For the past year (365 days) Kyler has written things that he love about me.  So each day has something that we did or said and then he tells me why he loved me that day!!! I broke down crying.  By far the CUTEST thing that anyone has ever done for me!  I guess I just have to come to grips that I am never going to be able to one up Ky he is just way too good to me! I love him!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Crawling Baby

Can you believe my baby is crawling!!! Just this past week he has taken off, he sits up all on his own and crawls like a speedster. He has even started clapping and waving!!! So big so Fast!

"I Can't Fly"

Today was a sad day at our home. Today Gavin realized that he really can't fly!!!

This story is told from Gavin's perspective.

I was having a perfectly good day, I had already accomplished quite a bit actually... so far I had spilled a whole bowl of cereal (on the carpet), eaten 1 1/3 cups full of pretzels and smushed the rest of the 2/3 into the carpet, I had only yanked out my brothers hearing aids twice, woke Landon up from a nap once and watched my favorite show 'Super Reader'. By this time I was ready to put on my cape and fly myself just like the super readers on t.v..

I started out by yelling, "It's time to fly!!" just like they say in the show...

But nothing happened...

And that is when I realized, I can't fly. So as shown on the first pic, I shed a few tears. But soon realized it didn't matter if I couldn't really fly... I can still have fun with my cape on. So off I flew again. But this time it was just pretend.

The End

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gavin's Great's

As I have mentioned on our profile, Gavin our 1st is our little "ball of energy", and in turn is constantly keeping us on our toes.  He is always doing things that... for lack of better words drive us crazy, but at the same time makes us role with laughter... but we have to try to cover it up so he doesn't think what he is doing is acceptable.  For example, the other day I was at the store, leaving my poor sweet husband with the kids.  Ky had just gotten out of the shower when I left so he was still just in his garments.  Gavin was once again finding some new trick to play on us.  This included figuring out how to unlock our front door, which was followed quickly by taking off down the hall.  Within a few seconds Ky had a very big decision to make, hurry and put some clothes on and hope that in that amount of time Gavin wasn't down the elevator and out running through the parking lot or risk loosing all his dignity and run after him practically naked.  He chose the latter!!! Good news Gavin is safe,  Bad news Kyler may never be able to show himself in public again.  And forget making friends with our neighbors.  That might be entirely out of the question now.  Just another day in the life of Gavin!!!